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now come to appoint someone to the senate who will look out for west virginia and work hard for west virginia. i am very, very proud to appoint cart to the united states senate. the senate seat occupied for nearly 52 years by our be loved robert c. byrd. i am proud of mr. goodwin. i hoe the man. he's been part of some landmark legislation. the president will attest to that. i don't need to tell you all if you don't know cart, he's fiercely indpebbed enter. we have gone toe to toe many times when we made our decision, i had nobody that would carry out the tuties and wishes of the he can it's important to have someone who understands how important it's to bring all sides together. we appreciate and respect where everywhere is coming from. it's about respect. we don't have to come from the same background and go down the same highway, if you he's done that as well as anyone i have ever seen. when i knew there's two men we have missing. we had more than 60 rescuers trying to find two men all in jeopardy friday night, i got there thursday. i don't think it is going to be good. i want you
spoke like the change to full casino gambling. >> i mean, west virginia is a state that seems like it could use the revenue. i think it's overall a accident thing. >> i thinks that -- decent thing. >> i think that's great. i used to go to atlantic city. can i stay closer to home now. >> reporter: the gaming company is betting $40 million that other regional gamblers will now choose to come to their newly renamed hollywood casino in charms town, west virginia. john henrehan, fox 5 news. >>> the news keeps coming. brian bolter now with the news edge at 11:00. >>> terrifying moments for a mother at a metro station this morning as she was getting ready to board a train, the doors closed on her stroller. her baby still inside. fox 5's wisdom martin spoke with the woman who helped pull them to safety. wisdom? >> reporter: brian, the woman who helped says she has seen this happen before and wonder why the doors close like that she says as they were trying to open the doors, the biggest concern is that the train would start moving again and the baby would be pulled away. >> i actually went
virginia. we hear from president obama, vice president biden, house and senate leaders, and others. ♪ [bells ringing] [bells ringing] [bells ringing] [bells ringing] [bells ringing] [background sounds] [background sounds] >> we invite you to join us as we recite the pledge of allegiance. i pledge allegiance to the flag of the united states of america. and for the republic, for which it stands, one nation, under god, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. >> would you please remain standing for the national anthem? ♪ ♪ . [applause] [applause] [applause] >> let us pray. oh holy one loving god, we cry out to you today in our sadness and loss, our mountains of wheat today, and our rivers run salty with the tears. our center, our advocate, our brother and our friend has left us to be with, and with you. but through our tears we smile as this beautiful day smiles upon the grieving mountains and rivers. and the people of west virginia. we need not tell you his story as we pray, you know the story. it is your story. you are its author, it's beginning, and its ending. we simpl
. >> on 95 in maryland, i 70, 270, nothing at the wilson bridge. in virginia there's a crash from alexandria headed to springfield. on the inner loop at the exit for van dorn street, be careful even eisenhower avenue. traffic is able to get through. be prepared for that. traffic across the american legion bridge moving nicely. traffic away from us on the right is out of bethesda. headlights on the right are from tysons. alison and doug. >> thank you. >>> thanalmost 2 million people around here locally left out to dry because of an emergency water main fix in montgomery county. >> expected to last several days. pamela brown is live in potomac. >> the crews are hard at work. they will be working on this pipe in potomac for the next three days at least. more than 2 million customers will have to make sacrifices until then. they're asking them to cut back on water by one-third. that means no outside water usage, including topping of swimming pools, watering lawns, and washing cars. you are asked to limit showers, washing dishes, and clothing. they say the sacrifices are worth it to avoid another
in first term, senator, if you pave every single inch of west virginia, it is going to be much harder to mine coal. and he smiled and he said, . . ts from delivering they can to their constituents. [laughing] and, -- [applause] but let me say something serious. he knew people who were elected to represent states and regions and political fa losses were flesh and blood people means they never would be perfect. >> he knew they were subject to passion and anger and when you make a decision, it's important when you are mad, there's about an 80% chance you might mistake. and that's why he thought the rules and the institutions and the constitution were so important and he put them before everything. even what he wanted. .i never forget when we were trying to pass healthcare reform in 1993 and '94, senator byrd was a passionate supporter of the efforts we were making just as he was the efforts that president obama has made. but we only had 55 votes and we could not defeat a filabuster. and so, i said well senator, why don't you just let me stick this on the budget because it's the only thin
no major incidents to report between route 1 college park toward 270. virginia, virginia, we are tracking 66 for you. heading eastbound you are fine from manassas to inside the beltway. 395, also finding drivers at speed making their way from the springfield interchange though the 14th street bridge. call it a wrap inside the district. hello, northeast, early-morning drivers on income tax new york avenue, an incident free commute making your way to the third street tunnel. that's the traffic. back to you. >>> much of the eastern seaboard is in for another day of grueling temperatures. some places are expected to hit as high as 102 degrees, but as howard just mentioned the humidity will make it feel much hotter them heat is challenging the basic assumptions we make about the services we couldn't on to run our homes. gary tries to find out how the heat will affect our lives down the road. >> reporter: first the water main repair that forced the washington suburban sanitary commission last week to order water restrictions in prince georges and montgomery counties. restrictions are still in p
, there is something to watch for. look for the workers working  this morning. virginia i-66, good morning, moving to the city from 66 manassas from 495 looking good. beltway virginia from tysons corner to 270 and south of springfield no problems reported in both directions. and finally we move to 395. a live shot. there nice and quiet from duke to the 14th street bridge. that's a quick check on your commute. back to you. >>> today nine of the ten people accused of spying for russia are due in court. three are scheduled to make an appearance in a federal courtroom in alexandria, virginia at 2:00 this afternoon. lindsey mastis has more on how the government says this group was able to hide their communication in plain sight. >> it is called stenanography. >> it means hiding a file within a file. >> it is a vergecies old technique with a high-tech twist. >> it is a way to hide information and unless you are looking for it specifically you won't see it. >> here's how it works. digital files, including pictures are made up of a series of ones and zeros. it is a code that tells a computer what a pictur
probably felt that in virginia and pennsylvania. in annapolis and parts of southern maryland, they felt this, maybe even stafford county. >> this is not the first earthquake we have ever had in our region, but they tend to be very minor with very few people feeling them. this 3.6 is much more significant than we are used to. >> is. -- it is. we get one every couple years and they are minor. we get reports, tons of them. this is one of the bigger ones i have seen. >> we did not feel it. some people at the station did. >> i was outside to do our weather segments and i cannot quite feel it. one of our viewers named peggy in middletown, md. woke up her husband to ask what it was anti thought that was the cat jumping onto the bed, but she told him she thought it was really an earthquake. >> we have received funding descriptions, anything from the thought it was a plane crash, to a loud truck driving by, to drilling, because we don't normally thinks earthquake in our area. lisa baden has been taking a lot of phone calls. >> i worry about that cat. sounds like that one needs to go on a diet. f
. >> people like julianna who cares 24 hours day day for brian rice who has a brain injury. virginia only pays health caretakers 10.90 an hour. before july 1st, it was 57 cents more but the u.s. senate failed to pass an extension of relief funds. >> i'm looking. i'm looking. if i find a better option maybe i will have to quit. >> it is terribly unfair. >> people are doing this work are struggling themselves. >> reporter: if caretakers leave for better pay it may force families to put their loved ones in nursing homes where their quality of life may be diminished. i'm lindsey mastis in waldorf, maryland. a 13-year-old boy nearly drown in this pool. dwayne is known as the jokester of the family but when he talked about what happened on july 4th he gets very serious. >> i remember me under water trying to come back up. >> dwayne's family said he was on the kind of the pool and he must have swallowed a lot of water and passed out. no one knows how long he was underwater. family members pulled him out of the pool. melvin and antonio are trained medics. >> they rushed him to the hospital after cpr f
, created by america's cable companies. >> west virginia governor joe mansion apointed one of his aides to take the seat of the late robert byrd. you'll hear remarks from jay rockefeller. this is a little over 30 minutes. >> senator rockefeller. ann bart representing our beloved senator. mr. president, first lady, the entire family, first mom. just a few moments ago i signed the appropriate paperwork with the secretary of state natalie tenant to make this announcement official. robert c. byrd because giant. he can never be replaced. i've said we can never fill his shoes, we just only hope that we can fall in his footsteps. i've waited to make this appointment because it is important to do this right. i want to thanks the white house. i want to thank majority leader reid. i want to thank especially senator rockefeller and the entire senate for making this procedure and this process work so flawlessly for allowing west virginia to go through the process we have. they've been most gracious. i truly want to you to carry that back to everybody for us. but the time has now come to appoint som
. [ sirens ] >> reporter: at the northern virginia lects rick cooperative control center there are still alarms and calls for power out. but the mood is far more relaxed here now. >> so you're not reaching out to customers here and saying please conserve today? >> well not today. yesterday we did. >> today is much better? >> correct. >> almost 24 hours with no power. >> reporter: last year's blizzard. >> very cold. >> reporter: reminds us the power might not be there when we flip the switch. blazing temperatures in the underground tunnels fried 200 feet of electric cable knocking out power to hundreds of customers for days. >> a little warmer than hell. >> novak has to buy power on the open market and when demand goes up, so does the price. sometimes the price will multiply four-fold in hours. novak and many other power companies are encouraging people to install switches on air-conditioners and water heaters so the company can cycle them off when demand is especially high. >> if you're one of our customers you would care because it helps us control the cost. >> reporter: bruce leshan, 9
. southwest wind 10 miles per hour. head down towards the virginia beach area across their first. temperatures in the lower 80s now down to around the outer banks region. 78 degrees down there to around 82. very, very comfortable down that way. north east winds right around 10 miles per hour. all across the region. beautiful. beautiful july 4th holiday forecast. we will need to talk about some serious heat building back in. i will let you know exactly when in a few more minutes. >> now to our other top stories. restrictions remain. telling nearly 2 million people in montgomery and prince george's counties to cut back on water. the dangers of fireworks demonstrated. one mistake caused a family their home. plus a potential tragedy avoided. police start an illegal street racing operation before it gets a chance to take off. >>> 100 citations were issued before what was going to be an illegal road race. illegal street racing. prince george's county traffic enforcement unit was working wednesday night. >> the traffic unit observed approximately 200 individuals that appeared to be getting ready to e
line. crews have to get around that and hope to get it repaired by tomorrow. >>> and in virginia, a change in state law means starting today, people can carry concealed guns into restaurants that serve alcohol. that is a move some fought for and others dreaded beth parker is following this live in the newsroom. beth? >> reporter: it's called senate bill 334 and what it does is legally allow people with concealed weapons into bars and restaurants in virginia and as you might imagine, it's controversial and one side said it's a basic right and the other said this is asking for trouble. when ed levine took a break for lunch today, he knew he would have a hamburger on his flight and a .45-caliber pistol on his side. >> doesn't say, you know, you have the right to bear arms and unless you can tell me where the next bad guy is going to be, i want to carry what i need to carry. starting -- >> starting today, virginians with a permit to carry a concealed weapon can do so in bars and restaurants. >> and i feel that if i'm carrying my fire arm and a guy attacks me and my family, i have a b
, the little river turnpike. there's construction to the right side of the highway. 95 traffic in virginia, headlights are northbound. these are the headlights in germantown. >> thank you. >>> we begin with hurricane alex, which is moving across northern mexico and southern texas. alex has weakened since making landfall. parts of texas and mexico could still see as much as 12 inches of rain. if the storm toppled trees, to off broofs, flooded streets, and spawned two tornadoes near brownsville, texas. the storm is having an impact on the effort to clean up the oil spill. if strong wind has sidelined skimmer boats. a metal boom was ripped near the alabama-florida border. >>> and overnight crash in college park, two cars collided in the 9400 block of cherry hill road around 1:30 this morning. one person pronounced dead at the scene, three others taken to the hospital with serious injuries. part of theriault-odom still shut down. the cause is under investigation. -- parts of cherry hill still shut down. >>> a fire broke out 7:00 last night on south cal at east all saints street. the building w
the unemployment benefits coming up early next week when the new senator from west virginia will be sworn in. are they going to slow things down and go into campaign mode? that is the usual practice at the end of the campaign season. the democratic members who are in charge want to get back and go campaign. they want their numbers back up in some of these races. we will see. >> still have elena kagan to deal with. >> right. >> and on law, are you hearing the themes on health care, for example, that the republicans are in fact going to live with the law in the land and modify, or they just want to repeal? >> there are a lot of republican candidates campaigning on the repeal. and a lot of voters don't like parts of the health care, i don't think it's widespread opinion. >> folks coming in, you hear repeal, replace, or just repeal. i think it's still going to be an issue. >> and how about financial reform legislation? >> i think this entire cycle is going to be about the larger issue of just how poor the economy is, unemployment. i think you're going to see that in every race. >> and both healt
, virginia, the s creating a problem for people trying to get home from work. it happened this morning. the crews are still trying to fix everything. traffic is blocked in both directions on king street. people who ride the dash bus are also being detoured because of the water main break. king street is expected to be back open in time for the morning commute. >> we're still following news of a carbon monoxide leak in prince george's county. firefighters found dangerously high levels of carbon monoxide at the i am peer-on village apartment complex. the entire building was evacuated. 13 people including at least five children were taken to the hospital. fire officials think the source of the leak was a malfunctioning vent shaft on a water heert. residents have not been let back in. >>> and a downgrade from a hurricane to a tropical storm but it is having an impact on containing the oil from the bp spill. officials say it will take about three days before the seas calm down enough for another containment ship to be taken in. meanwhile, the spill is the largest in the history of the gulf.
conference to replace the west virginia senator robert byrd. at 11:00, robert service talks about his book on the life of leon trotsky. kenneth feinberg oversees the $20 billion fund created by bp for claims related to the gulf oil spill. he speaks to the clubs in washington. our coverage begins at 8:30 a.m. eastern on c-span2. >> for a snapshot of washington and the 111th congress, the congressional directory has the members of the house and senate, the supreme court and all of the justices. c-span is now available in 100 million homes, and you a direct link to public affairs, and politics as a public service created by america's cable companies. >> next, an arizona republican primary debate with john mccain, j.d. hayworth, and jim deakin. they met in arizona for their second televised debate before the primary. >> the primary is august 24. >> good evening, everyone. tonight, a debate for the u.s. senate. small business owner jim deakin, former congressman j.d. hayworth, and congressman -- and senator mccain. >> good evening, everybody. thank you for joining us tonight to hear from the th
back or face the consequences. >>> cases connected. the murder of a v.a. tech student -- virginia tech student linked to a violent attack years ago. this man could be the common thread. >>> the spy scandal is taking another twist. tonight word one of those alleged spies may be fessing up and talking about a big old lump of cash in a secret safe deposit box. >>> but we begin tonight with those massive mandatory water restrictions spanning two counties. thanks for joining us, everyone. i'm laura evans in for shawn. >>> i'm brian bolter. crews working at this hour trying to fix a 96-inch water main. they say it's on the verge of bursting. it's near tuckerman lane and gainsboro road. >> reporter: officials say crews will be working around the clock here until they inspect and fix that underground pipe. it's massive. it's about eight feet underground. you see the work being done. in the meantime man restrictions are in effect and we're told could last at least four days. the fun and games are over for ryan and braeden moore. if you live in montgomery or prince george's county and are a cust
. the beltway in virginia, we are building volume between 236 little river and route 50. finally, 395 already slow from edsall to seminary, and again approaching the 14th street bridge. remember, we have a new traffic pattern if place due to construction. back to you. >>> let's get to the big stories happening today. right now a multinational conference is underway in afghanistan. secretary of state hillary clinton is there. the goal of the meeting is to plan a secure and independent dent future for afghanistan. secretary of state hillary clinton already met with happened karzai. >>> president obama welcomed british prime minister david cameron to the white house. it is his first visit since taking power in may. the two men first met at the g- 20 summit in toronto. they will hold a press conference this afternoon. one major topic of discussion, the b.p. oil spill. >>> this morning, the senate judiciary committee takes up the nomination of elena kagan. she is president obama's kick to be the next supreme court justice. elena kagan is expected to be approved by the committee. it is unclear if s
of the cold front up in frederick. we have action ahead of this front, mainly in west virginia. if some showers are pushing east and mainly falling apart as they get close to the shenandoah valley. behind a cold front we expect more fresh air. the dew points are low 70's right now. if it is uncomfortable. we are used to it. 77 in quantico, 75 in culpeper, 79 in silver spring, 74 in potomac. we will see showers and thunderstorms off to the west and in the north especially in pennsylvania in west virginia there's a broken line in elkins that is forming and pushing east. we could have isolated showers mainly to the west of the metro area through this morning. the best chance is midday into the afternoon. that is what our forecast shows, 94 for the high temperature with a cold front that will trigger a line of scattered showers and thunderstorms. some lunchtime all the way until dinnertime we have a chance of showers and storms as the cold front moves northwest to southeast. the cannot allow the chance of severe thunderstorms with of yesterday line wind gusts being the biggest threat. 94 is
. there are thunderstorms in west virginia, to this shenandoah valley. you will get sprinkles in cumberland and romney this morning. limited sunshine otherwise, 93 this afternoon. isolated shatterto scattered shs and thunderstorms every evening this week. >>> 270 southbound has been stopped because of the crash before 80 urbana. they moved the vehicles often one-sided the road with one lane getting through. this is going to be tough leaving 70 to get to 80. if you take 355, you'll be a lot happier. 66 looks good and virginia. 95, the left side of your screen is northbound of newington toward the beltway. that is running nicely. metrorail is on normal service systemwide. back to you. >> thank you. >>> the thunderstorms that moved through last night left thousands of people without power across the region. crews are working right now to get the lights baton. bge is reporting just over 7200 outages in maryland. if pepco is reporting nearly 2100 in d.c., prince george's, and montgomery counties. dominion is reporting nearly 700 in northern virginia. >>> wheaton and our top story, a traffic alert for peopl
pepco and dominion, virginia power have programs to enroll in, as well. >>> this is 9 news now. >>> good morning. welcome to 9 news now. today is friday. you can tell by howard's pink tie it is the 9th of july. buddy check 9 day. i'm andrea roane. angie goff has the traffic and howard has the forecast and yesterday i did feel a breeze. >> i'm teasing you. but a few storms popped up. the hot stuff is pushed away and now we have normal july heat which still means t 0 but not 100. readings which will be in the 90-degree range once again. i want to switch over to live doppler 9000 hd and show you one little shower up near the westminster area. you can see that moving to the south and southwest at 15 to 20 miles an hour. it has been having a tough time making it south of the mason dixon line. things the last three hours as we put the radar in motion. there they were, just not holding together now but later on we will see a couple of storms pop up and temperatures this morning in the 70s. not 80s but 70s. it is 4:31. good morning, angie. >> happy friday, everybody. we are kicking thi
in to northern maryland, northern virginia and west virginia. i want to switch it over to live doppler 9000 hd. you see the action moving east. a couple of shores in eastern delaware. in frederick county, this is the worst of the weather we are looking at. a few storms are popping near winchester and we will look at those in a moment but the storms in frederick have potentially a little wind here, especially west side over to middletown. we are talking south the heaviest areas are south of 70 here. here's middletown heading tour ban that. they are moving at 30 miles an hour. so don't be surprised if you have lightning and gusting winds. we have seeing heavy thunderstorms starting to develop. they extend westminster, eastbound right down 140 and one more stop if i can before we throw it back to jc, over to areas around winchester because those storms are starting to fire here quickly as they are coming out this the mountains in to the heat and humidity. temperatures in the low 90s. it's very kick i can and the action to the east southeast. this will be here in the washington metro in another ho
. mary's county and northern neck of virginia. we will watch the area move to the east. a front to the west will help us out big time on saturday. as we look at the future cast, i'm going to step out. two areas to watch. one on the east and one to the west and they are both coming toward us. the eastern one brings us a chance of showers and thunderstorms. that will be around a little bit tonight and again on friday and the western one starts to firm up as we head to saturday morning. you can see the front lining up here. that's friday afternoon. a couple of showers around tomorrow afternoon. there's the front on saturday coming through pittsburgh. this will be with us, i think, for saturday. saturday has a good chance of showers and storms. potentially this could be one of our biggest rain makers in a couple of months. although, a half an inch to an inch would be would be sadly the biggest rain maker in three months. it has been dry around here and a lot of folks are hurting for that. maybe not even 90 in new york and up in boston and roanoke to the carolinas to atlanta. they wi
the line-item veto with a passion that most people in west virginia reserve for blood feuds like the hatfields and the mccoys. you would have thought the line-item veto had been killing members of the byrd family for 100 years. it made his blood boil. you've never been lectured by anybody until bob byrd has lectured you. you have never known a lecture. i regret that every new president and every new member of congress will never have the experience of being dressed down by senator robert byrd and i'll be darned if he wasn't right about that, too, that the supreme court ruled for him instead of me on the decline for the line-item veto. the point i want to make here is a serious one. he did as good a job for you as he could. as far as he was concerned there was no such thing as too much for west virginia, but the one thing he would not do even for you is violate his sense of what was required to maintain the integrity of the constitution and the integrity of the united states senate so that america could go on when we were wrong as well as right. so we would never be dependent on a
were gone are the shelves within hours. it's the first distilled spirit made in virginia since prohibition. we asked experts what they thought of the presidential rye. >> taste like a young rye whiskey. it is young. >> it is a young rye whiskey. >> yep a bite to it. it is fairly smooth for being as young as it is. >> not that good. the george washington distiller is three miles south of mount vernon. it is open from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. ask for the older version. >>> in four minutes a possible break in the unsolved murder of a virginia tech student. >>> and in ten minutes advice for the 4th. the national parks service gives the top spot to see the firework downtown. >>> right now howard bernstein is beginning the focus on maryland's weather and traffic. >> it may be july but doesn't feel like it. it will soon enough. enjoy the cool weather while we have it around. we are starting off with temperatures in the 50s and 40s in western maryland. we will be climbing in the 50s and 60s by 9:00 and maybe even 70 along the bay or so. another great day. plenty of sunshine. 70s to arou
to hear on a long holiday weekends. >>> there is new information on a cold case crime in virginia, morgan herring ton disappeared last october. -body was found in january on a farm. investigators are looking for this man and they say they found forensic evidence that links him to a sexual assault in fairfax county in 2005. if you recognize this man, fairfax county police or virginia state police would like to hear from you. >>> a change in virginia state law means that virginiaians can carry guns. it's a basic right, the other says it's asking for trouble. that's parker breaking down both sides. >> reporter: when ed took a break for lunch today, he knew he'd have a hamburger on his plate and 45 caliber pistol on your side. >> you have the right to bear arms only in these five places. unless you can tell me where the next bad guy is going to be, i want to carry wherever i can carry to defend himself. starting today virginiaians have an okay to carry a gun. >> i feel personally if i'm out somewhere and i'm carrying my firearm and a guy attacks me and my family, i have a better shot. he work
fabulous. 95 virginia, the left side of the screen in this camera is trying to get to work, with no major talaya out of dale city heading to springfield. the going is the right side in the geico camera, from the belt way down to richmond, the lanes open. alison and doug. >> thank you. >>> our top story, almost 2 million people left out to dry. emergency water main work in montgomery county has forced mandatory restrictions on customers all across the region. the water problems will last for days. pamela brown is live in potomac with more details on this. good morning. >> good morning. officials say that is small fiber-optic cable similar to this one may have prevented this 96-inch pipe from bursting on tuesday as the censors within the table alerted officials. they came out and there was a section of the pipe with eight broken wires. to put this in perspective, despite is 96 inches. the road rohde pipe was 56 inches and that did not have the fiber-optic technology in place. we could have averted a big catastrophe. customers are being asked to cut back on water by one-third. than means no
piece of evidence in the murder of a university of virginia student, yeardley love. >>> plus, remember this scene? well, find out the latest on three students involved in this may la after -- melee after the maryland duke game. >>> and topper has the forecast. >>> another day in the 90s. we will take you out with the almanac. access this at wusa9.com. 93 and 76 in the books. average is 88 and 71. the record was safe today at 104. the record low well safe at 55. we will talk about a cold front and prospect of showers and thunderstorms and update the weekend forecast. ♪ (announcer) we all want to stay active. we don't want anything... ...to slow us down. but even in your 30s... ...your bones can begin to change. overtime, you can begin to have bone loss. calcium and vitamin d work together to help keep your bones strong. and yoplait gives you... ...20% of your daily calcium... ...and is the only leading yogurt with vitamin d in every cup. keep your bones strong every day... ...with yoplait. >>> charlottesville investigators released new information today in the yeardley love murder cas
jobless benefits in the senate. robert byrd's successor in west virginia holding the balance against a republican filibuster. the governor of west virginia pushes not to just appoint a successor now, but maybe hold a special election. later in which maybe he could run. >> i would highly consider that. i truly would. >>> "worsts" they cut off her cobra minimum because she paid less than the minimum. one one hundredth of the minimum. >> lebron james, not just the biggest in basketball history, not just the biggest free agent in sports history, he's got to announce which team he's going to play for during a live, televised hour long special. a new meaning to the phrase, pay per view. all the news and commentary now on "countdown." >>> good evening from new york. this is day 79 since the deep water horizon well blew up in the gulf of mexico. there is news today about how day 80 could make or break untold numbers of people on the gulf coast. the disturbing findings by the findings by the associated press. thousands of abandoned oil wells on the floor of the gulf that could be leaking now
as it has been the last couple of days. no precipitation in washington. no storms in virginia. one developing thundershower now just about to cross into southern washington county out of the panhandle of west virginia. just east of charles town, west virginia. a little bit of thunder with it. certainly not a severe storm by any means. we will have to keep an eye on the atmosphere. there could be strong storms developing. right now, 83 in washington. it is in the low 80s elsewhere except out of the mountains in west virginia. over the last 12 hours, beneficial showers yesterday afternoon and evening. this yellow zone could be some strong storms developing this afternoon, 3:00 to 8:00 p.m., there is a risk of damaging winds. that looks like now mainly just to our north. looks like we may escape the bad weather around washington. stay tuned. you hear thunder. get inside. turn on nbc 4. we will let you know what's going on. i will be back with a full look at the rest of the week coming up. >> we will see you in a few minutes. thank you. >>> this morning, a better picture of the man pol
volume between germantown and i-370. good morning, virginia. hope you are having a good morning. if you are hopping on 66, volume is quickly building between 50 to 123. it is slow but no accidents or incidents reported. better news on 395. volume as well but not too bad. a lot of sunshine there. grab the sunglasses before you head to work. back to you. >>> well, these days taking the marc commuter rail can be a mess. today maryland transportation officials are ready to take your complaints in person. kristin fisher is live in union station with more on this story. >> reporter: good morning. there were actually two big marc meetings here in washington yesterday. one was a meet the marc managers even held here at union station specifically for marc riders, and the other was an emergency meeting of the marc riders advisory council to address all of the problems that have been taking place on the penn line over the past two weeks. ten days ago, almost 1,000 passengers on a northbound penn line train were stranded on the tracks for over two hours in 90- degree temperatures when the train suf
a little bit of thunder in the panhandle of west virginia and in western maryland. those are drifting to the east and southeast and may be moving closer to the shenandoah valley and perhaps into washington and frederick counties in maryland over the next hour or so. right now, we don't any storms or severe weather in the region. right now, 90 degrees at national airport. it is in the upper 80s in montgomery, arlington and fairfax. we have the high humidity. the dew points are in the low to mid-70s, sweltering humidity. hagerstown the a90 degrees as well. some of the storms could begin to pick up in intensity in the next hour or two. out of the mountains behind the front out in the ohio valley, temperatures are in the 70s right now. over the last 12 hours, that front is now just beginning to move into the mountains and slight risk of severe weather in this yellow zone. much of virginia, the district, most of maryland under a slight risk for damaging winds between 3:00 and 6:00 p.m. as highs reach the low to mid-90s before that. after that, lower humidity movers in. details on friday an
slow toward the bay bridge toll plaza eastbound on route 50. >>> northern virginia, we could not catch a break all day long. i'm afraid it is going to be this way for quite some time. 95 southbound, delays began at or possibly before the capital beltway. we had a series of accidents during the morning rush-hour. they are all cleared out of the roadway. we did not recover. now, this theory, probably reality, the afternoon rush-hour is underway. lanes are open. jammed, beltway, all the way down. hov lanes in the process of being configured for the southbound flow. we will keep you updated for the hour. >>> thousands of you will head to the national mall fort concert and fireworks. crews are down there preparing for the big show and so is news 4 tracee wilkins to tell us what we can expect and what we have to do to get there. >> reporter: we can expect lots of crowds. we are celebrating this nation's 243rd year of independence. this will be the 30th anniversary of this show. it is going to be messy downtown. lots of people. if you are trying to avoid that, how about this view of the firew
of the morning. it is in virginia. take you out there live. on the outer loop, 495, the access road as you approach it to go eastbound on route 50. it is blocked because of crash activity. what you want to do is take westbound 50 and split at the first light to get around this. switch the cam 0 a over to virginia and between 50 and 123 no incidents or accidents. just a good amount of volume. this is the live shot of the outer loop at colesville road. looks like from university to georgia we are tacking on maybe an extra three to five minutes. the delay will grow in the next half hour. finally wrap with a map. 95 an the bw parkway, we zoom in and show you the drivers are nice, green and clean. that is telling us they are moving at speed to powder mill. back to you. >>> well, this heat can be unbearable. especially if you don't have electricity to run the air conditioner. kristin fisher is live in northeast washington where the power has been off for hours. kristin, do you have any good news. >> i have good news. if you look behind me you can see those lights on in these row houses along 12t
into west virginia. that's led away south of us. in almost missed virginia entirely. that is where we stand right now. some new storms developing out in west virginia right now. rain will not be totally out of the forecast, but the heat and humidity is still there. we will talk about that coming up. >> thank you, john. still ahead, a new component that artscape is bringing experimental technology to the festival. we take a look. plus, the baltimore boy scouts celebrate an anniversary. we tell you what it is and how >> fire investigators in virginia are trying to figure out a tobacco factory went up in flames. officials say part of the former brown and williamson factory in williamsburg collapsed after flames broke out around 330 it is being converted into loft apartments. it was believed to be unoccupied. the boy scouts of america are celebrating a milestone -- their 100th anniversary. in honor, the scouts have brought an interactive experience to baltimore for the entire family. the traveling exhibit known as adventure base to 100 has a theater, museum, and other attractions. it is open un
. reporting from alexandria, courtney robinson. >>> west virginia senator robert byrd will make a final visit to capitol hill today. his body will lie in repose in the senate chamber six hours and will be taken to charleston, was virginia for a public viewing and memorial service. >>> in the obama will go to american university today to make another push for immigration reform. he will explain why he thinks a comprehensive approach is the on way. he is not expected to announce any new proposals or policies. >>> that partner is mary kane. >> thank you, bob. >> the maryland governor's race, a montgomery county woman is the new running mate of bob ehrlich. he made the announcement on youtube. she served as his secretary of state and is director of special projects of the u.s. chamber of commerce since 2008. she is from potomac. >>> still ahead, guns in bars. now it is legal in virginia. for those people with concealed permits, that is. not everyone approves >>> > we will see how long the more seasonable temperatures last in anothe the first time that i saw a sporting event on fios, in high defin
might be in the country illegally. will virginia become the next arizona? today the man who led his counties in an effort to crack down on illegal immigrants announced a new statewide plan. we have more. >> reporter: cory stuart says he believes he has enough friends and supporters in virginia to get this pushed through the house and senate in the next year. if you talk with those on the other side of this issue, they say he has a fight ahead of them. from lafayette park in front of the white house to the streets of arizona, the immigration issue taking center stage in recent days. the commonwealth of virginia is also right in the middle of this controversial fight. today the head of the prince william board of county supervisors, cory stuart, announced his plan to crack down on illegal immigration. somewhere between 60 and 70% of virginians and americans support this legislation. >> reporter: his plan is similar to the one in place in prince william county. it would require officers to check immigration status after a lawful detention. also, a fee will be charged on all internation
hometown fridays. we're kicking things off this morning in leesburg, virginia. that's where allison and steve are today. good morning to both of you, holly's out there too. >> good morning, it's great to be out here in leesburg this morning. we're pleased to be joined by the mayor this morning. we want to thank you for letting us spend our day with you. >> we're delighted to have you. >> we are enjoying the area, this is probably my first trip to leesburg, hard to believe, i'm from washington, d.c., but what a treasure trove of history. >> leesburg is a great community. you can live here, work here, play here. we have families, young urban professionals, we have everything in leesburg. >> this is telling me, it rang at the top of the 6. we're right on time, it's ringing now. we're sitting in front of the loudon county courthouse, talking about the historical aspects, what a wonderful community. >> we have the old courthouse, foreign visitors every year around the 4th of july and throughout the year, but you can see the historic nature of the sounds. >> let's talk about it. allison m
. with the interim senator from west virginia being sworn in tomorrow morning, a vote could come in the afternoon. 2.5 million americans have lost unemployment benefits since congress allowed the benefits to last in may. if the extension is passed, most of them will be covered through november. >>> local police are on the lookout for marijuana. they're looking in fields, forests and in public parks because august is the prime month for harvest of that crop. today officers at montgomery county showed us the dangers that that hunt can entail. john has our report. >> reporter: local authorities are battling the war on drugs from the air and the ground. this is a public park in montgomery county where marijuana growers have set up shop. >> even though it's being grown here, this is being distributed throughout the county and throughout the metropolitan washington region to your friends and neighbors and maybe even your children. >> reporter: the maryland national capital park police have been scaring local parks for the past 20 years, seizing millions of dollars in pot. tonight our camera was granted ex
headquarters in virginia. let's start with kristin. >> reporter: we have been talking about the earthquake all morning long but how would you like to see it? we have video of the earthquake near the epicenter here in germantown. i want to warn you if you blink you will miss it but here it is. 5:04 friday morning a rare 3.6 magnitude earthquake was caught on tape by security cameras in germantown. the epicenter was one mile away at the roberto clement middle school, three miles below the surface. >> the whole house was shaking bad and it woke me up out of bed. >> how did you wake up. >> the house shaking, dog barking, children screaming. my daughter said is that thunder and i said i think it was but to hear you say it was an earthquake it was a earthquake because it is something i never experienced before. >> even for people who never experienced a quake like this woman from california says this dc quake was the real deal. >> this was more intense than i have experienced probably. >> really, more than the ones in california? >> yes. she got scared. >> kind of scared, almost tingles and i woke u
it as a four-way stop. no accidents to report in virginia, district of columbia and maryland. we want to show you the drivers are moving at speed on 66 from centreville to past 50 to inside the beltway. the next stop the beltway in virginia not too busy this tuesday from 95 up to 66. now in maryland we want to move it back outside and show you the outer loop. no construction to report at this time. pretty much smooth sailing from 95 over to 270. and finally we will call it a wrap inside the district. we give you the suitland parkway where it meets south capitol street. nice an easy commute here. very, very quiet. andrea, back to you. >> thank you. >>> we can't say howard didn't warn us about the heat an alert and as he said today will be worse than yesterday. some people tried to wrap up their holiday weekend on monday with a trip to the national mall for the final day of the smithsonian's folk life festival. water and other drinks were a popular way to stay hydrated while many couldn't resist the sales pitch from the man selling melon slice. parents had to look out for themselves and their c
west virginia holding the balance against a republican filibuster. the governor of west virginia pushes not to just appoint a successor now but maybe hold a special election later in which maybe he could run. >> i would highly consider that. i truly would. and the lebron-a-thon. he's got to announce which team he's going to play for during a live televised hour long special. our fifth story tonight thousands of abandoned oil wells on the floor of the gulf, which could on the floor of the gulf, wells which could be leaking now or might leak in the future but no one will ever know it because neither big government nor government bothered looking. no one would know it. no one ever bother's looking. drillers have temporarily abandoned wells in the gulf. when they are problematic, or they wait for gas prices to go up they put temporary, meaning less good caps on them. the exact same kind of cement caps that fail to get the deepwater horizon well. some abandoned for 50 years. 1,000 of them for more than a decade. secretary salazar is not inspecting the wells. his department would not tell bp
slowly but steadily now into the high 70s and low 80s across the area. 82, winchester, virginia. 77, leesburg. 77 buoy, maryland. 80 degrees, annapolis. a look at the radar. not an awful lot going on just yet. a couple of rumbles of thunder on the eastern shore of maryland. those storms are moving away. there are more showers and storms starting to develop across eastern tennessee, eastern kentucky, far western virginia. we have many more dry hours left in front of us. one or two breaks of sunshine can still not be completely ruled out. that will allow temperatures to climb up in the mid-80s. afternoon showers and thunderstorms will become more and more likely. the extra cloud cover may delay the start of the rain and the thunderstorms. anything that does bubble up later today has the chance to reach severe limits. veronica will be here to keep you posted. >>> let's check out how the mid-day traffic is moving. jerry edwards joins us with the latest. >> good morning, everyone. a lot of detours and folks trying to find their way around with a lot ofñr roads that are closed. we a stre
as far away as west virginia and frederick. everybody wondering exactly what had happened. some folks who have experience with earth quakes. they had an idea, an inkling of what was going on. a lot of curiosity. a lot of people talking about it today. back to you in the studio. >> megan mcgrath in germantown this morning. megan, thank you. >> i'll take one or two questions. >> reporter: did you feel the earthquake, mr. president? >> i didn't. >> more proof that the quake is the talk of the town. that was president obama responding to a question at this morning's briefing. >>> the president did not feel it but we certainly did in the studio. you felt it in the "newsroom" you didn't realize it was an earthquake? >> i heard the rattling of the windows and the air-conditioning ducts in the "newsroom." i have my own personal theorys on what it was. i quite loudly said, it's not an earthquake, because we never have earthquakes around here. >>> outside on a friday morning, only if the earthquake could have cooled things down, that would have been nice. it did not. meteorology and size seismology
to 270, smooth sailing. in virginia, 66 eastbound, we are tracking the taillights. they are moving at speed from centreville to inside the beltway. and 395, you are going to find lanes wide open until you get to the 14th street bridge where we have a new traffic pattern in place due to construction. two lanes getting by to the left and one to the right. andrea, that's the traffic. now, back to you. >>> you heard howard's forecast and you see it on the screen, 79 degrees. yes, it is july but this morning the debate over christmas holiday displays will heat up in loudoun county, virginia. the supervisors there are considering a ban on all displays outside of the county courthouse. 9 news now reporter, kristin fisher is live from loudoun county with more. you are tempted to say be humbug but we know there is more to the story than that. >> reporter: absolutely. good morning. it is tough to talk about christmas when it is almost 90 degrees outside, but here we are. it is rare to see both conservatives, public official and the aclu on the same side of the issue but that is what is happe
no problems. on the beltway in virginia between braddock and i-66 as we switch over. no big problems on the west side of the beltway. good morning, maryland. on i-270 this morning heading down south from father hurley to split no problems, as well. and 95 and bw parkway as we switch to the map. clean and green. going at speed between the two beltways. back to you. >>> it's like the start of the holiday shopping season for redskins fans. training camp starts today and it's the start of the mike shanahan era with coaching with mcnabb as the quarterback. lindsey mastis live in ashburn with more and we know how die hard our fans are. do you see any out there yet? i know it is really early. >> it is really early and even though there are no fans out here everyone will be excited about the season. it is redskins 2010 season. the parking lot has some cars in it right now. we can only assume there are some people inside getting ready for the morning. from what understand, shanahan says everyone will come in early and stay light lathe and work hard today. one of the biggest stories is haynesw
. repair is ongoing. >>> a construction crew caused this water main break in alexandria, virginia. this is along creek road. a few hundred people were affected, but the water is back on. >>> local water companies are raising their bills to repair aging water systems and fixing them is no easy task. we take you to the district which has some of the oldest pipes in the region. >> and here we have some of our older pipes. >> reporter: there is a kind of temple to old water mains -- lines. >> and they went through the holes and to the springs down through very different circles. >> reporter: a lot of the wooden water pipes are still in use, but there is an unlined iron main that dates back to before the civil war. it is more than 150 years old. >> up until 1905, the water was completely untreated and there were actually eels that swam through the water main, so they had to put these little eel traps to keep the eels from swimming into your sink. >> reporter: more than 180 water mains in the district date back more than a century. >> and we have to step up and fix it today. >> reporter
to the atlantic beaches except for a few places in west virginia. a few showers did roll across virginia overnight have now dissipated getting some others in southern west virginia. this yellow zone is a risk for severe weather. 3:00 to 8:00 p.m. could get damaging winds across northern virginia and the much of maryland and into the mountains. highs into the low 90s. lower humidity for the day tomorrow and more humid again friday and saturday. the hot weather continues into the first part of the weekend. jerry, how's the traffic? >> we're doing pretty well, the drive along 290 northbound, all travel lanes are open, no hangup theres. just watch for the construction barrels. over to ox enhill, maryland and look on the beltway, inner loop is okay, outer loop from 210 to saint barnabus road, heads-up. they should be picking that up about any time. >>> police are trying to figure out who killed a well known art terrori ist from montgomery county and dumped her body. she was restoring paintings for heads of state and famous hollywood celebrities. on monday her family reported her missing after she didn'
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